Jhona Damoluan

Pricing Strategy Lead

What are you responsible for in MDI?

I do price models that are used to close complex deals. I take into account best practices and risks and make sure that the offer will be a sustainable win for all parties.

Your advice is valued in MDI. How to be you?

I have a strong sense of ownership of my role. I consider every file, every document my masterpiece. I believe in the goals of MDI, so I make sure that my work is a reflection of that. Every moment of my day is spent working towards that.

Do you have a morning/evening routine to set yourself up for a productive day?

I start my day with a prayer. I ask Him and with the Universe to guide me throughout the day. I also feel productive when I am able to make breakfast for my family. It implies that I had a good rest, and this sets an optimistic tone for the day. I end my day with a nice dinner — food makes people happy!

What do you do on weekends or vacation days?

On Saturdays, I take my daughter to Kumon class. Eat out with the entire family. We enjoy the day by going to a playground or a nail spa. I run some errands like dropping off the laundry and then wrap it up with a movie on Netflix.

What is your favorite thing about working in MDI?

I have acquired so much knowledge since I got here. Cloud. Hardware. Technology for enterprises. How it all works as a system. I also enjoy being a trusted advisor.

What do you want to achieve at work? In life?

I want to keep getting better at what I do. Learn more, earn certifications. Long-term, I am excited about the prospect of leading a team who love to do the work as much as I do. I want to be a Certified Pricing Professional at some point.

My goal in life is for my family to live happily and comfortably. To secure retirement at the age of 46 because by then my daughter would be 18. I want to ensure that she gets the very best in everything. My dream is to franchise a Kumon branch, or any math-related learning institution. I want to teach kids the beauty of Mathematics early in life.

Best advice you have given or received?

My mentor advised me to be a lifelong learner. No matter what stage you are in your career, skills will always matter more than seniority or job titles.

Always have a backup plan. If Plan A doesn’t work, there’s Plan B, Plan C. Think outside of the box to find solutions to a problem. Life is very much like a math problem — you can solve it in different ways.