Dan Bachiller

Infrastructure Solutions Manager

What are you responsible for in MDI?

I listen to our customers’ business goals and then translate that into a technology solution that can help them achieve that goal. Together with the sales team, we win deals that contribute to the revenue of the company. So we can continue doing work that impacts businesses in a positive way and at the same time sustain our personal goals.

Do you have a morning/evening routine to set yourself up for a productive day?

Eat. Pray. Love.

What do you do on weekends or vacation days?

Saturday is my rest day. Sunday, my family day. I don’t mind responding to emails here and there. But I do take the time off to travel and go to the beach.

What is your favorite thing about working in MDI?

The freedom.

What do you want to achieve at work? In life?

To be successful professionally by helping others be successful in what they do. I want to be happy, make others happy.

Best advice you have given or received?

“Okay lang magmahal nang sobra sobra, basta magtira ka para sa sarili mo.”