The beauty of our planet going around the sun: each year we get a fresh start. If 2019 was tough for you, great news — 2020 is starting in a few days. If 2019 was good to you, then the new year is a chance to level up your game personally and professionally. 

Here in MDI we have a lot of tech geniuses. But for self development, we also rely on field experts. In this blog post, we share with you our favorite self development resources to inspire your 2020 self.

Book: 12-Week Year

If you’ve been in the corporate world for a few years, you have probably picked up the habit of planning your goals for the year. While making 12-month plans are better than making no plans, The 12-Week Year, a book by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington, introduces a faster, more agile way of working on your goals. In a 12-week year, you focus on your most important goals and work on them for 12 weeks — not 12 months. This means that every day counts. Every week, even more so. This will tear us away from the habit of waiting until November or December to complete a New Year’s resolution we made in January. A good read, easily actionable, and possibly life-changing.

Podcast: The Productivity Show

To be able to do more with less, we need to manage our time, energy, and focus. This is the productivity framework being promoted by the guys behind The Productivity Show, a podcast about time management, life hacks, productivity, and getting things done. It’s a good starting point for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to be savvy about their calendars, notetaking, strategic planning, and execution. It caters specifically to productivity junkies who like creating time blocks for deep work, following morning and evening rituals, and automating their homes and offices with cool apps. Try giving it a listen during your commute to or from work.

Wellness App: Calm

In this busy, busy world of multimedia and multi-screens, we all need a respite from all the noise. Enter Calm, a meditation and relaxation app that can serve as your guiding voice — literally — to calm down. Ironically, you need to download an app to get away from the clutter of apps in our lives. This celebrated 2017 iPhone app of the year (also available on Android) features guided meditation for mindfulness, soothing pain, anxiety, focus, and many others. We like how it even has audio stories told by celebrities like Eva Green that can help lull users to sleep, a much better bedtime habit than watching an entire season of Money Heist on Netflix until 4AM, don’t you think? It’s free for the first seven days, so it doesn’t hurt to download.

Fitness App: 5K Runner

If you are like us, one of your goals in the coming year is to be more active. Spend less time sitting or binge-watching and more time moving. 5K Runner is perfect for those who want to take baby steps away from the sedentary lifestyle. 5K Runner is an app that adopts the Couch to 5K methodology, which means it will guide you to run a 5K distance in 8 weeks! All you need to do is put on your running shoes and earphones and follow the app’s instructions. It will get you started with a combination of walking and running. Each day it will increase the number of minutes that you run and decrease the number of minutes that you walk, until you acquire the energy and discipline to run all the way to 5K. We recommend using the app Seven for your strengthening workout. Both 5K and Seven have a free trial. 

Here in MDI, we value self development. We have programs for coaching and mentoring, physical exercise, and social causes that help our team members grow individually and as a group. Got ideas on how to make 2020 better? Message us!