In Hootsuite’s The Global State of Digital in 2019 Report, Filipinos are reported to spend over 4 hours of their time every single day on social media, with Facebook topping the list of favorite social media channels. The same source reported 7 million Filipinos subscribed to LinkedIn, making it a solid platform to build a professional network. It is true that there is a wider audience on Facebook, but on LinkedIn, the audience is much more targeted — LinkedIn users are there to learn, network, recruit, or progress their careers.

If you are looking to get yourself noticed on this growing professional social platform, your profile has to look the part you want to play, whether it is to be recognized as an industry leader or to attract an ideal job. Here are some things you can do now.

Upload a nice profile and background photo

If you take dozens of selfies to get the perfect Instagram profile, you should take the same amount of care — maybe more! — in selecting your LinkedIn profile picture. Get a friend or even a professional to take a headshot. If you want to connect with executives, wear a suit. If you’re taking on a creative career path, be creatively and properly dressed. Make sure there’s good lighting and that users can see your face. And while you’re at it, stand out by adding a background image. Most people don’t even bother to do this, but the background image is precious digital real estate space to announce your expertise.

Be searchable

To be searchable, you have to complete all the fields on your profile page: headline, summary, contact info, experience, and educational background. Don’t forget to add your niche skills that will set you apart from other candidates or experts. Are you a cloud engineer that specializes in DevOps? Make sure you add that to your headline and your skills list. This way, when searchers type in “cloud” or “DevOps”, your name will come up.

Ask for recommendations

This is a useful section of a LinkedIn profile that most people ignore. Remember how, during the recruitment process, your interviewer asks for character references? Well, how about you voluntarily offer it to them, on the spot! If you know you’ve done well in your previous jobs or projects, flaunt it. It is as simple as asking a former manager, peer, or client to write 3 to 5 sentences on why they would hire you again, given the chance. You’ll be surprised with how generous people can be when asked. When potential connections browse your profile, they will easily see the value of having you in their network. Remember to return the favor when asked for recommendations.

Be social

If you find networking in conferences and events a little awkward (they shouldn’t be), good news! When you interact with professionals on LinkedIn, you are using a keyboard, and you can always edit what you say. Connect with leaders in your industry through a well thought of introduction. Or ask someone from your network to introduce you. LinkedIn supports all these ways to connect with them. You are also free to consume and share your thoughts on the feed. Start with liking and commenting your congratulations when someone receives an award or wins a deal. Or writing your thoughts when someone shares an interesting article. Pretty soon, you’ll be posting your own opinions on industry trends and current events. When a connection or recruiter browses your profile, you can impress them with how much you know about your field.

You’re already spending a lot of time on social media, how about funneling a few minutes to building your professional network? 

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