Focused to Win

MDI equips each member of the team to win: in business, in our professional careers, in achieving the goals we set with our clients. We set goals individually and as a group, and provide ways to keep ourselves on track towards that finish line. MDI is focused to win!

Coaching and Mentoring

In MDI, we believe that experience is life’s greatest teacher. That is why we’ve launched the Coaching and Mentoring Program for all employees of MDI.

All employees were asked to choose a Mentor within the company — someone they look up to, whose personal or professional qualities they admire, and someone who is not their immediate supervisor. Every month, the Mentor and Mentee will spend time to discuss the goals of the Mentee. The Mentor provides guidance as regards how the Mentee can work towards those goals. In this setup, it is assured that someone is always overseeing the employee’s professional growth. Many Mentors profess that the learning goes both ways.

Our Executives also set monthly leadership sessions to get to know our people not only professionally but also on a personal level. We do so in a casual environment through breakfast groups and beer with the bosses — a perfect mix of business and fun.

Centering on Customer Experience

MDI upholds excellence in everything that we do. All aspects of the business — from marketing, sales, delivery, support, to back office — aims to deliver to both internal and external customers a delightful experience.

Centering on Customer Experience is the foundation of all MDI professional development programs. Employees are enlisted in technical trainings in their fields to empower them in delivering services to customers. Soft skills trainings are also held to boost the confidence of employees in the way they converse, write, prepare for leadership, and others.

Mastering the Sales Mind

Sales is a critical aspect of MDI business. Being in sales means being in the frontline when competing against other providers for a deal of a lifetime, when proving that MDI is the best choice when it comes to enterprise IT, and when a project is facing challenging times. The account executive serves as a liaison between client and company, and they must be fully capable of managing this delicate position.

Mastering the Sales Mind provides a holistic approach to grooming the perfect sales executive — from product knowledge, contract negotiation, championing a customer, personal branding, to closing the deal.

Move MDI

A sound mind is a sound body is a sound professional. Move MDI promotes physical and mental wellness through regular group activities like running, basketball, paintball, dance, and other physical activities. In MDI, we encourage people to pursue passion, creativity, and a healthy competition outside of work. These activities give employees the opportunity to discover their talents and find balance in their lives.

Party Like It’s Our Last

After working smart and hard, it’s time to party! MDI’s yearend parties are always something to talk about… the next day.